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Rating Valuation Objection Form


Please complete and return ONE form for each separate valuation objection.

I object to the entry in the District Valuation roll described below. 

You can find the property details on the notice of valuation

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Objection has been successfully submitted. You will shortly receive a confirmation email including a copy of the objection.
If there are any issues please contact Whangarei District Council.

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Property Search

Please enter the address or Valuation Reference Number of the property you would like to object to
*Unable to identify property. Please manually enter the property details or update search criteria.
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Enter the Valuation Reference Number as shown on your Valuation Notice. Valuation Reference Number is required

Property Details

Please enter the identification details of the property you are objecting to. Please refer to your valuation notice for these details
{{model.propertyAddress.name}} Address is required
{{model.dvrNumber}} Alpha Numeric only
{{model.councilPropertyId}} Alpha Numeric only

Objector Details

Please enter the details of the person lodging the objection. The details provided will be used to contact you regarding the objection
{{model.fullName}} Full Name is required Numbers are not allowed in Full Name
{{model.lodgerRole}} Role is required
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Reason/s For Objection

Please use the tick boxes to select one or more reasons why you are objecting
I do not agree with the property values
The person named on the notice of valuation is incorrect 
The area, or description of the land is incorrect
The improvements are incorrect
At least one reason for Objection is required

Objection Justification

Please provide a short summary in support of your objection
limit: 500 characters, remaining: {{500 - model.reasoningContendedvalues.length}}
{{model.reasoningContendedvalues}} Objection Justification is required

Property Values

Please enter the current rating valuation in the Council Value fields (these can be found on your valuation notice) and your estimated valuation in the Contended Value fields.
Council Value Contended Value
Land Value {{model.landValueCouncil | currency}} {{model.landValueEstimated | currency}}
Land Value required Exceed minimum Land Value
Improvements Value {{model.improvementsCouncil | currency}} {{model.improvementsEstimated | currency}}
Improvements Value required Exceed minimum Improvements Value
Capital Value {{model.capitalCouncil | currency}} {{model.capitalEstimated | currency}}
Capital Value required Exceed minimum Capital Value

{{model.valuationDate | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}} Invalid date

Property Description

Please provide the following information regarding the property (if applicable)
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{{model.noOfMainRooms}} Invalid value
Invalid value {{model.yearBuilt}}
Invalid value {{model.yearExtended}}
limit: 500 characters, remaining: {{500 - model.propertyMoreInfo.length}}

Supporting Evidence

Please provide sales or rental evidence to support your contended values

The maximum number of supporting evidence has been reached.
Property Address Sale Date Sale Price Land
Options Additional Information
{{supportingEvidenceItem.salesAddress.name}} {{supportingEvidenceItem.salesDate | DateFormat}} {{supportingEvidenceItem.salesPrice | currency}} {{supportingEvidenceItem.landArea}} {{supportingEvidenceItem.buildingArea}} {{supportingEvidenceItem.leaseAmt | currency}} {{supportingEvidenceItem.options}} {{supportingEvidenceItem.additionalInfo}}

{{supportingEvidence.salesAddress.name}} Address is required
Invalid Sales date {{supportingEvidence.salesDate | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}}
{{supportingEvidence.salesPrice | currency}}
Invalid value {{supportingEvidence.landArea}}
Invalid value {{supportingEvidence.buildingArea}}
Invalid value {{supportingEvidence.leaseTermYears}}
Invalid value {{supportingEvidence.leaseTermMonths}}
Invalid value {{supportingEvidence.leaseAmt}}
limit: 500 characters, remaining: {{500 - supportingEvidence.additionalInfo.length}}


Please attach any additional information, documents or photos to support your objection
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